Athena3 T

Athena3 T is the latest development of SCLAVOS for dyeing heavy fabrics such as terry, blankets and other structures.

Athena3 T incorporates some unique features such as:

  • Advanced automation system for total interactive control

  • Extra Soft Flow Dyeing System (ESFL) for extremely gentle treatment

  • Aquachron 3GA Continuous Washing System

  • Automatic Setting Adjustment

  • Variable Loading System

  • Integrated Control of Liquor Ratio

  • Sclavos designed low energy pumps

What Sclavos can guarantee to Athena3 T users are:

Fabric Quality

  • No surface pile disturbance

  • Minimum fiber loss

  • No rope marks


  • Fast process time
  • Very low energy consumption

  • Very low water consumption

  • Ease of operation

  • Batch to batch repeatability

  • Tangle free operation

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