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History and Philosophy are two Greek words, which identify persons, companies or countries. History and Philosophy are two very important factors to be considered by anybody, before approaching an organization and deciding for a cooperation.

SCLAVOS Philosophy could be briefed in the following statements:

Original Developments

SCLAVOS has a strong R & D department which creates original technology within the company. The company owns many patents, which have been commercialized successfully.

Simple Solutions

SCLAVOS R & D dept. follows the hard way of developing simple solutions for Dyer’s problems. SCLAVOS machines are the leanest machines in terms of hardware.


SCLAVOS strategically focuses on developing only Soft Flow fabric dyeing machines, by taking the advantage of 70 years knowhow & experience.


SCLAVOS innovations differentiate from the traditional dyeing technology. Sharing those competitive advantages with partners & customers brought SCLAVOS in leading position inside the Textile Industry.

Personalised business relations

SCLAVOS strategy is to stay and develop as a medium size family owned company, thus having the luxury to keep personal relations with customers management and technical teams. SCLAVOS enjoys long term partnerships with leading textile companies in most important markets.

Technical Team than Marketing Team

SCLAVOS belief is that customers need supplier’s Technical people to explain and support company’s technology. Customers don’t need Marketing people to beautify products. Reality matters!

100% European Manufacturing

All SCLAVOS machines main parts are manufactured in-house at our company's factory in Athens. All other parts are of EU origin, selected from leading companies in each field.

Consultancy services

SCLAVOS strategy is not only to sell Fabric Dyeing Machines, but also to offer a complete support of consultancy services for organizing dyehouse operation efficiently along with continuous follow up.

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