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Terms of use

The use of this website,, is governed by the following terms and conditions that must be read carefully by the visitor/user before starting using this website. By using this website, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree, you must not use this website. Our company can amend and renew these Terms and Conditions. We take the responsibility to inform the visitors/users about any amendments and changes through this website.

Our company doesn’t take the responsibility of damages that may be caused using our services. The visitor/ customer has the initiative, full and exclusive responsibility for the proper access and utilization of the information provided to him/her through this website.
Our company does not provide any guarantee that the pages, functions, options, and contents of our website will be provided continuously, with technical adequacy, without errors and with immediate correction of errors that may arise. 
Also, our company does not provide any guarantee that this website or similar websites or servers will be provided without viruses or other harmful material.
We shall not be held liable for any damage or harm resulting from a denial of service attack, virus or any other software or technologically damaging or harmful material that may affect your computer, IT equipment, data or materials as a result of using this website.

The visitor of the website remains the only responsible for any damage caused to the website from bad or unfair use of our services. For any damage or moral damage caused by our services from suspension, publication or share of any content by the visitor/user, the visitor/user remains the only responsible for the restoration.

All content contained on the website (hereinafter referred to as the “Website“), including indicatively (and not restrictively) photographs, images, graphics, designs, brand names of Products (product names), logos, slogans, scripts, domain names, graphics, video, and all files in general, regardless of how they appear, are intellectual and industrial property of the Company or its suppliers and / or licensors and is protected by the relevant provisions of Greek, EU and international law for the protection of intellectual and industrial property. The composition of the content contained in each time on the Website belongs exclusively to the Company and is protected by the relevant provisions of Greek, EU and international law. The Company and its suppliers and / or licensors expressly reserve all intellectual and industrial property rights in any and all elements of the content of the Website.

Any use (personal and commercial), alteration, destruction, variation, restriction of trademarks, distinctive elements, as well as of all photographs and films (video), of the intellectual property rights, regardless of whether they are protected with absolute and exclusive rights of the Company and / or its suppliers, without the prior written permission of the Company, is prohibited.

Without prejudice to the above, the Visitor undertakes not to create a derivative and based on the content of the Website, not to copy, reproduce, republish, upload, modify, transmit or sell or exploit in any way in whole or in part the content of the Website or the related software, not to enter it in an index, not to frame it with another webpage, not to enter it as a link for direct access in its internal information from any other website, not to copy its location to another server by creating an image and not to grant any right to a third party from the Website, without the express written prior consent of the Company. It is also not allowed to create and / or publish a database containing important sections of the Website without the prior express consent of the Company.

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