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World Leading Industries go with SCLAVOS

Kahatex – SCLAVOS
Long Term Partnership


Kahatex S

P.T. KAHATEX is the largest textile group in Indonesia.
The company is fully integrated from fiber spinning mill to fabric, also manufacturing garments for many multinational companies.
Dyeing and finishing units of the company are considered the most critical part of fabric manufacturing chain, being the main area where quality is maximized and environment is affected.
This is the reason the company is investing constantly, targeting to become one of the most modern and environmentally friendly textile industries in Asia.
For accomplishing this target, the company decided to invest in most modern fabric dyeing machines Athena series from SCLAVOS, the world technology leader in manufacturing fabric dyeing machines for knits.
Thus since 2010, Athena2 & 3 model machines of total capacity 45tns per day have been gradually installed in the plant.
Through such investment, water consumption and CO2 emissions are reduced drastically every year and quality of fabric meets the most demanding requirements.
Management of KAHATEX plan is to replace most of existing dyeing and finishing machines to modern high technology ones, within next 3 years.

A Strategic Cooperation


DBLGroup S

DBL Group is one of the leading companies in Bangladesh booming garments industry.

It is a vertically organized textile group with large facilities in spinning, knitting, dyeing & finishing, printing and garments manufacturing. They are exporting 100% of their garments production in many worldwide known brands.

DBL Group factories are equipped with only high end machinery from EU, USA and Japan, targeting high quality, environmental friendly and low running cost operations.

In 2002 they started their first dyeing and finishing unit, fully equipped with Sclavos Venus fabric dyeing machines.

Since then they are expanding continuously all of their textile operations. Sclavos has become a strategic partner in providing exclusively state of the art fabric dyeing equipment.

In year 2015 they completed a new modern investment in dyeing and finishing, called Color City project.

The whole fabric dyeing section is equipped with Sclavos Athena3 and Athena3A models, incorporated in a fully integrated automation system.

Up to know, Sclavos dyeing machines serve a total dyeing output of 90 tns per day of knitted fabrics, supporting group’s garments units.

Low water and energy consumptions along with high quality standards were top priorities of DBL Group for selecting the equipment for their newest project.

Arvind – SCLAVOS
Working Together Since 1997


The name Arvind Limited is synonymous with National Pride, Entrepreneurism and Creating History

  • Started in 1930 in the midst of great depression finding an opportunity to make fine and superfine fabrics in tune with the FATHER OF THE NATION’s call for boycotting import of fine and superfine fabrics from England
  • In 1980s threatened by the invasion of power looms churning out massive production of in expensive fabrics, Arvind created a place of its own for its survival with high quality premium fabrics such as denim for leisure and fashion, cotton shirting and trousers
  • Year 1997 saw Arvind encashing the new horizons of knitwear, shirting and bottom weight by creating its world class facilities, largest of its kind in India for knits, bottom weights and shirting
  • An organisation Arvind is known for going in for the latest and the best of the technologies available around the globe with emphasis on productivity, utility saving and to save the mother earth
  • No doubt Arvind has selected Sclavos as one of its partners as early as 1996 and adapted its technological features for overall savings and productivity. The association of Sclavos and Arvind is nearly TWO DECADE old and Arvind continued to invest in Sclavos fabric dyeing technology from time to time

The recent addition of Four machines of the latest generation Athena3 Sclavos dyeing machine in the beginning of 2014 to produce close to 250 tons a month of special knit fabrics is another testimony for Arvind’s belief in staying with the latest technology in fabric dyeing keeping the tradition of going with Sclavos as always. With this new addition, Arvind produces 9600 tons per annum of knitted fabrics and most of them from Sclavos machines.

Sclavos Athena3 fabric dyeing machines Globally helps all the customers to gradually reduce its carbon footprint by ‘dramatically’ reducing the water consumption and CO2 emissions as these machines represents highest standards of efficiency in terms of highly reduced power, steam and water consumption.

Arvind Ltd with their decision to stay with Sclavos over the last two decades has indeed become a feather in the cap for Sclavos.

Hayleys Group – SCLAVOS
Sri Lanka’s oldest conglomerate stays with Sclavos


Hayleys Fabrics PLC is one of the subsidiaries of Hayleys PLC, one of the biggest and oldest Sri Lanka’s conglomerates with interest in diverse business operations.
The company established in 1994 and since then it became the pioneer in textiles manufacturing in Sri Lanka.
They are capable of providing a complete portfolio of end to end solutions from design to manufacturing of fabric made out of natural and synthetic fibers.
Their customers are some of the leading global fashion brands, such as Decathlon, Intimissimi, Victoria’s Secret, NEXT, BHS, Marks and Spenser, TESCO, George, and DBA.
It is the first apparel sector company to be listed on the Colombo stock exchange in 2003.
Being a company dedicated to offer best quality products with main concern being to protect environment, they are very demanding for selecting machinery for their dyeing and finishing unit.
Water and energy savings along with high quality output are the main reasons of establishing a long term partnership with Sclavos company, who are technology leaders in developing and manufacturing fabric dyeing machines.
Thus since 2003 Hayleys Fabrics have been Investing in Sclavos Dyeing Technology as the main supplier of fabric dyeing machines.
Recent purchase of Sclavos Athena3A model is a vital investment for reducing further; water and energy consumptions, while improving quality of fabric following the increased demands of the world market.

CIEL Group partners with SCLAVOS


CDL is a subsidiary of CIEL which is among the largest multifaceted Groups in Mauritius.
CIEL Textile is a world-class global player in textile and garments operations, spanned across Mauritius, Madagascar, India and Bangladesh.
CIEL Textile has developed into a regional one-stop shop for textiles, with vertically integrated business units, from yarn spinning to finish garments. The Group positions itself as the best alternative to China with the objective to deliver unbeatable value to medium and upmarket retailers.

There are 20 production units:
Mauritius 8
Madagascar 6
India 5
Bangladesh 1
Employs over 20,000 people and exports 33 million garments annually.

It was in 2004 that CDL being the fabric dyeing unit of CIEL Group, which produces high quality fabrics for the whole group's requirements. decided to start investigating and sourcing the 'ideal' fabric dyeing machine for their needs and the need to replace their outdated machines at the plant.
It was at that time that they procured their first Sclavos, and another two high end manufacturers’ machines.
Dyeing and finishing is the area with the most focused attention for achieving high quality standards, thus investments in dyeing and finishing machines is considered of very high importance for the group.
An extensive comparison of the three technologies took place for over nearly two years period. The comparisons were based on Water usage, Electrical Energy usage, Quality reprocess levels and after sales service.
After that period, CDL decided to partner with Sclavos and a number of machines were purchased in stages. Today there are 16 Sclavos Athena machines at CDL and a few more to come in the future since the water crisis in the island makes the replacement of old technology machines to new ones of low water consumption, more than necessary.

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