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Backbone vertebras of SCLAVOS technology are the following:

Double Soft Floating Transport and Dyeing System

This is the heart of fabric transport and dyeing technology, which ensures high liquor penetration and very gentle treatment of normal and delicate fabrics.

Open Plaiting system with Liquor by pass

A unique plaiting system combined with excess liquor by pass that diverts the flow of the liquor out and behind of the J Box, ensuring ideal storing of the fabric inside the J Box even for multirope operation

Aquachron Continuous washing system

This is a revolutionary fabric washing system, working as a continuous rinsing process.
Aquachron obtains high water and energy savings and considerable decrease of process time.
This system makes SCLAVOS machines working with no stop whole process for drain and fill.
Aquachron system abolishes any need for Stock Tank in SCLAVOS machines.

Multi Rope operation

SCLAVOS has developed the Multi Rope operation system, which is applied in all SCLAVOS's machines, increasing capacity in light weight fabrics.

SCLAVOS design pumps

Main pump of SCLAVOS dyeing machines has been designed and manufactured by SCLAVOS Engineering team for best efficiency and lowest power consumption.

Automation – Software

Sclavos unique technology needs special support in terms of automation and software. Automation system and proper software is being developed in-house by Sclavos software Engineers.
In addition Sclavos offers and supports Dyehouse central control systems.

Peripheral Systems

SCLAVOS has developed peripheral systems which could be fitted onto SCLAVOS machines and improve energy savings as well as machine’s efficiency. Such systems are the SCLAVOS Heat Recovery system and Dry Salt Dosing system.

Process Support

SCLAVOS has organized a Dyeing Technology Department, employed by experienced Chemist – Dyers who support any application in SCLAVOS machines and offer technical consultancy to SCLAVOS customers.

Lowest Installed Power

SCLAVOS technology achieves the lowest installed operational power i.e. motors under continuous operation, ensuring up to 30% less electric energy consumption. Operational Power Ratio: 26 - 31 Watt/Kg of fabric.

Nozzle Flow Monitoring (NFM)

Nozzle Flow Monitoring (NFM) monitors in real time flow and pressure in the nozzles, signaling if any irregularities appear during the process. As a result a very critical factor affecting quality is fully controlled.

Real time Thermal Energy accurate measurement (TEAM)

Sophisticated software with smart sensors measuring in real time consumed thermal energy during the process. This is a much more accurate figure than steam consumption.

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